Marc Brunet – 5 Face Cleansers You Need To Know About!

I know a few key things about myself. First up, I am not really all that funny. So if you are laughing at me odds are, it is not because I just told you a side-splitting joke about a priest, a rabbi, & a nun.

I can’t sing. I mean everyone can sing, but you just wouldn’t want to be in the car with me as I belt out that new One Direction Song.  (Oh yeah, and I have terrible taste in music.)

And sports? Well, put it this way. Even today, I would be picked last, for any team.

But those shortcomings aside one of the other things I do know about myself, a trait I embrace tighter than a pair of skinny jeans, is that I do give really good recommendations.  Genius recommendations, actually.

I am not bossy or full of myself (honest) it’s just that I get excited about things and feel the need to share them!  It’s that simple. So it’s here now in this blog. I am proudly embracing my mad talent for giving out great recommendations!  Hey, you’ve got to stick to what you’re good at!

5 face cleansers you may never have heard of before, but probably should!

Face wash should do just that.  Effectively & gently wash your face of makeup, dead skin cells, oil, dirt and pollutants.  Skip the face washes that promise to do more.  Active ingredients like retinol or anti-oxidants do a better job when they stay concentrated on the skin rather than being rinsed off and sent down the drain!

Consonant Body Organic Pure Unscented Foaming Face Wash $18.

This is a fantastic face wash for all skin types that it ticks all the boxes!  Organic.  YES! Canadian Indie Company.  YES!  Formulated without phthalates, petroleum, sulphates, silicones, synthetic color, synthetic fragrance or paraben preservatives.  YES!  It’s foamy, rich and emollient.  PH neutral so no toner is required.  It helped clear my niece’s prescription resistant acne.  True story. &

 Dermalogica Special Cleasing Gel.

Like Vanilla Ice Cream, this is a reliable choice.  While there’s certainly more exciting “flavors” out there, this face wash is one I keep coming back to, and so will you.  A soap free gel cleanser that provides satisfying lather and a satisfyingly clean feel with no bells or whistles. &

REN Hydra Calm Cleansing Gel

Is your skin a little more prone to sensitivity?  Then this REN gel cleanser might just do the trick!  Formulated by REN’s uber clean formulation standards to cleanse, refresh and soothe without irritation, tightness or discomfort.  Bonus: It smells great, naturally. &

Pangea Organics Egyptian Calendula & Blood Orange Cleanser

Pangea Organics just gets it.  They get that while we want natural & organic, we want our products to perform as well as the “dirtiest” drug store brands.  So while you’ll note the water like consistency of this cleanser in your hands (they leave out the extra ingredients to thicken the product), it won’t cross your mind again as the richest, most luxurious foam cleanses your face clean! &

Kaia Bamboo Facial Cleansing Wipes

After a sweaty and terribly challenging Bar Method workout, my face could use a quick clean up.  There are many Face Wipe alternatives on the market, but this one is worth taking note of.  The 100% bamboo bio-degradable cloth wipes are soaked in a juicy blend of 99% natural ingredients including organic honey that deep cleanses without that stingy, tight after feel. &




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