Erin Guenter

After taking a break from academics and a goal set on becoming a midwife, I decided to steer away from science and branch off into something more exciting to take my mind off of periodic tables and human anatomy. Finding myself enrolled in a makeup course I discovered a talent where my eye for perfection would not only come into good use but would be my tool that would put me in demand! With years of experience in every aspect of the beauty industry, I have found my calling working in a side of the business that puts my skills to work. Taking a passion of working with people, I have established a strong private clientele. Whether it is for special events, private lessons, personal shopping or even inside information, my light hand, soft touch and tricks of the trade, all keep my clients coming back for more. By embracing makeup, skin care, nutrition, and a zest for life, I completely tap into whole health and beauty and strongly believe that what makes us attractive is not only about how we look, but also how we feel! To get in touch with Erin and see what she is up to, be sure to visit

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