Carrie-Lynn Neales

Carrie-Lynn finds balance in her life through weaving her career as a yoga teacher, and with her career as an actor. Studying under Don and Amba Stapleton in Nosara, Costa Rica Carrie-Lynn gained her certification as an Interdisciplinary Yoga Teacher in January of 2012. Coming to her mat to heal tired, and over-worked muscles Carrie-Lynn originally found yoga as a way to correct and re-condition her body after years as a dancer. Now teaching at 889 Yoga and Wellness Spa as well as Eight Branches Healing Arts Centre, she balances her days on set in various television series’ with a grounding and expansive yoga practice. Her work as a teacher encourages her students to find their own unique yoga through breath, balance, and play. Matching the physical with the spiritual Carrie-Lynn is a stickler for alignment both energetically and physically. Carrie-Lynn enjoys pushing boundaries and finding her edge in every area of life and encourages her students to do the same. She’s grateful to share both her love for performing and yoga. Firmly believing in the benefits of a solid yoga practice Carrie-Lynn also believes in the benefits of a solid dance-in-the-shower practice and a good sleep-in! To stay tuned in to what Carrie-Lynn is up to, please visit her blog at

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