Films Etc.

I Am – A Film by Jessica Hinkson

Jessica made I Am in association with Ardent Pictures during the month of August 2012 on the hottest day of the year in fourteen hours with no budget. Representing the true meaning of “Guerrilla” style shooting. They shot on two cameras: Canon XH-A1 and Canon S95. The film was edited on Final Cut X.

JESSICA HINKSON AND ARDENT PICTURES by Christopher Comrie & Samantha Swan

In the summer, Jessica Hinkson came to us to discuss a short she wanted to make, and would we willing to help? She presented photo reference, fashion reference, rough notes and a poem. Ardent Pictures is a community minded sort; and Jessica was already in our ‘circle’, having shot scenes of a workshop for a feature film we’re developing. Without a finished script we weren’t sure into what the piece would evolve; a kind of a music video approach to ‘shooting a poem’ was interesting to us, and not the kind of work we usually do as producers of narrative theatre and film, so we were intrigued. It turned into a tiny epic adventure that included shooting on the hottest day of the year in the badlands, experimenting with voiceover tracks and shooting against greenscreen for digital effects because the dreamy image it would produce just felt right.

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