About Me

Jessica began practicing Yoga in New York in 1999 at the Jivamukti studio while attending the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre. In 2000 she moved over to T. Schreiber Studios working with Terry Schreiber, whose alumni includes Edward Norton. She has also worked with teachers such as Larry Moss, Rosemary Dunsmore and Ben Ratner. In 2010 she starred in the short film Ruby Can’t Fail at the Kingston Canadian Film Festival, which was the winner of the Ten Years Ten Minutes Award. She moved to Toronto seven years ago and began practicing at Yoga Space where she was inspired to delve more deeply into Yoga as a way of life and entered the Yoga Teacher Training program. In 2012 she wrote, produced, and is starred in her first film, I Am in association with Ardent Pictures. Jessica is looking forward to working with Ardent Pictures once again on their next feature Perro. She has been a guest blogger for Slice TV, Making Love In The Kitchen, Ardent Pictures, A Jock’s Guide To Cooking, and featured on The Elephant Journal. Currently, Jessica is in pre-production for Laureen Vonnegut’s new play The Porcini Test in which she will be co-producing and playing the character of Alma. Also, she just finished writing/performing her first one woman show Serious Mysterious – Not Your Average Child with the Soul-O Theatre. Jessica has traveled all over the world, loves cooking, photography, and hanging out with her golden retriever Kaia.

 “I just want to be who I am, whoever that is.”

~Bob Dylan

A huge thank you to my friend Darrell Superinvisible who helped me build this blog. He is a master of the gradient and a hyph revolutionary.

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Fantastic, Jess. You’re a wonderful writer. I will circulate to members of Calgary’s yoga people! Best of luck with this.
    Heidi Staseson

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