Alexandra Staseson – Matters of The Heart

It is February 2012.
Love is in the air and on the mind.
And whether we find ourselves lost or found in any moment,
what matters is that we are indeed finding ourselves.

Let me begin with the preface that the word ‘courage’ comes from the root word, ‘coeur’, French for ‘heart’.
(No wonder it’s the language of love!)

The doorway to our true unison with self and purpose exists and opens when we align with our ‘true self’, our Spiritual self. (Whatever that interpretation means to you as Spirit, let’s go with that shall we?) According to ancient Vedic philosophy which is the cornerstone of Yoga (as well as to many other belief systems around the world including many of our favourite poets, musicians, and muses) our heart serves as both the Spirtual and flesh thresh-hold to our relationship with ourself and the Divine, and is the place where that Divine relationship thus transforms and manifests into all our material encounters, as well as expanding upon the divinity of all our encounters with others and ourselves.

Happy Valentine’s Day and may you re-acquaint with your heart, your oldest flame, today and always,


Exploring and Navigating One’s Own Heart...

Starting with our own hearts is the most true and guaranteed way to unlock love.
By purpose-fully and care-fully opening the door to this tender place, and entering quietly into this precious space, we can safely, freely and without harm, explore and shine the little flashlight of our deepest hopes, fears and senses of potential along the corridor as we seek for clues.
Going on a personal heart-expedition rather than seeking those answers outside ourselves, becomes a fabulous little glimpse of a litmus test, where when we see what’s ‘in there’ we can then see more clearly how our ‘outer lives’ are matching up to what is glowing in our hearts.
Then, with some practice, dedication and an openness match-lit with the ‘courage’ to receiving the unknown results of our un-tapped heart’s potential,
we’ll find ourselves smack dab, IN-love in life, as what happens on the outside begins to match the truth of the inside. Our hearts jump off the shelf we keep them on,
and begin to do what they’re meant to do; pave the way.

This is where we know, alone with ourselves, if we are allowing with courage, the glowing embers within to catch fire into our daily endeavors and burn ablaze into our life-action and being/doing/having and shining all around us… Alone, safely among the embers, (and yes those occasional scattered ashes we may also stumble upon in some un-dusted cavern in there) we can find the keys to our obstacles and immediately neutralize our fears by knowing that within the heart, and within the work of the heart, there is no ‘wrong’, there is no ‘bad timing’ or ‘shouldawouldacoulda’; What is, what was and what will be, are all held in perfection. And this is ours to go to, learn from and explore. This is our free – by both monetary and by most expansive definitions- own respite and response to life, whether in the seemingly good times or those cursed feverish moments that are yes part of the job of being born human on earth. Finding Spirit within our roles as humans gives love instant dominion over our lives and we immediately experience a lack, of ‘lack’.

Claim Your Free 40 -Day and 40- Night Vacation into the Loveliest Spot of All Time: The Heart!

Here’s my personal cure/therapy/TLC for the heart chakra (anahata) as well as exploring all matters of love, truth, authenticity and one’s own sense of BLISS. Through trial and triumph, ecstasy and evacuations, I’ve come up with this one over the years, and find I am always returning to it when needed- whether I am lost or found in that moment.
Take what you want, but go safely into that area of your life and self which is harmless, the heart.
This is between you and Divinity and no one else. Take relief in that.

Meditations for Heart & Life Purpose Awakening and Retrieval

-Buy a rose quartz crystal and carry it with you at all times for 40 days and 40 nights…
Fall asleep with it in your hand. Light incense around it and meditate. Praise this little pink stone for it’s purity, wonder and perfection…

-Make time and take time to consciously breathe life and love into your actual heart organ.  Here’s my personal meditation version of how to do it:

-Imagine that your heart organ literally is serving as your ‘nostrils’. (This may be hard to integrate at first, but start slow with even a 5 minute meditation of just breathing as if your heart were the ‘nostrils’ of your body.) Inhale your deepest ‘sense’ of what’s possible- even if it’s not in your life currently- you know there’s a feeling of what’s ‘possible’ to feel because little glimpses of it now and again make us get all ferklempt or teary-eyed about it because we know it to be a Divine Truth that we long to be closer to and in unison with and are pining for it’s return. So breathe that into your heart,  and with that breath allow whatever comes up to come up. Be with it, if it needs to release, allow it to leave on the exhale just do so freely, without punishment and judgement, you’ll see if they come up, and you allow that little moment of discomfort to be like an air bubble that has risen to the top of a calm lake, in a moment- on your exhale, it will leave. Gone. And that’s how you clean the heart. Allow those little aches to come up, swirl them around for a moment, notice how you don’t want them or need them, bless them and what they’ve taught you, and let them go.
Inhale into those heart nostrils again and now, feeling, literally feeling the feelings of love and joy- try to hang onto a little butterfly love buzz for even 10-15 seconds…
Even if you can’t attach it to anything going on for you right now- just try to recreate the feelings of butterflies and ecstasy in your heart hold it, hold it, and exhale through those heart nostrils…

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

The heart is mankind’s largest recycling plant :

True truth needs no proof it is self-evident.
And true love, has nothing but itself shining back.
Note that there is absolute safety in doing ‘heart work’.
So if at any time fears and vulnerabilities come up, don’t pin these on your heart as culprit, because these are not ‘heart stuff’ but rather the offspring of the ego, for LOVE does not fear or hurt, but is the shelter for these little ego-fairytales to be addressed, and then safely offered up into the sacred fire so they may rise as recycled inventory and fresh outlook and opportunity.

Corresponding with our heart chakra, heart organ and physical space on our body are the hands. The energy of our heart flows through to our hands and out our palms. The hands are also known as a metaphor for work, for our life-endeavours, so in re-integrating with the heart, take care in what you touch, what your intentions are. Live this metaphor of your heart shining through outwards into that which you are ‘working on’ and in-love with. Bring the inside out.
Bringing our hands together in Prayer or Mudra during our meditations or after our practice, we ignite the embers of our heart as ready to fuel our everyday lives.

Healing Heart & Hands Meditation
Rub palms together, igniting heart’s sacred vital energy, and place hands over the heart. Say hello to your longest time friend, ally, and sidekick. It is the beating of your heart that keeps you alive on this planet, and never forget that.

Jai Guru

“To gaze with looks of wonderment, and to serve all that lives, still or moving. This is to know what love is. He knows who lives it.”
-Swami Paramahansa Yogananda

“Love opens all doors, no matter how closed they may be, no matter how rusty from lack of use. Your work is to bring unity and harmony, to open all doors which have been closed for a long time. Have patience and tolerance. Open your heart all the time.”  -Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Alexandra Staseson

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