Common Burn

Simple things like you over cold round your beauty
That stay and burning me
Love me hang around even if it’s just some way to have

Some common burn
A common burn

So I spent the night in someone’s house that you…
Oh simple me that… but we haven’t

A common burn
A common burn

Aware of…
So many tunes before you could so round and…
Everything that you score just don’t come home to say

You… sleep
When you know you’re burning

That common burning
That common burning

Mazzy Star

We meet all sorts of people every day in our lives. Being that we are all human beings we crave connection. Sometimes you happen to meet one person in particular who for a moment in time or perhaps a few more, universe willing; you have a common burn. You feel good being around them, you feel uplifted, your bodies fit. When you part ways, the flame is still ignited, the burning, traveling, moving through your body. You have been affected. There has been a transference of energy. It goes deeper than the physical self. It has been an experience. One that will truly shift your life, that you will always remember.

Common –┬áBelonging equally to or shared equally by two or more; joint.

Burn – To consume.

Jessica Hinkson