Artist, Zhang Huan

Zhang Huan is a Chinese artist based in Shanghai and New York. He is primarily a performance artist but also makes photographs and sculpture. Zhang Huan is represented by The Pace Gallery in New York. The images you see here are just a few from his collection of Ash Paintings that he created from simply using incense ash.



You Need To See Things More Clearly

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year! I get to make yummy hearty soups, TIFF just finished, Nuit Blanche is around the corner, not to mention open fires, getting cozy, and surrounding yourself with love. Whether it be that you re-commit to your yoga practice, dive in to a friendship that seems to have fallen by the wayside, or giving yourself a time out to read that book you have been wanting to read since last January. Now is a great time to re-evaluate. To ask yourself what else it is that you need to do to make your journey a content one. It is an amazing time of year to get outside for long walks. Walking in times of stress, anxiety, or restlessness has always been something that has brought me a sense of calm. I take my golden retriever, who lives for long walks, and I breathe. Sometimes I play a game with myself when I feel like I have no control over what is happening in my life. It is a game that I made up for myself years a go, back, when I had attended the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre in New York.

During my first year at the Playhouse one of my teachers had asked me to look at a desk and tell him what I saw. Besides the desk, I told him I saw a pen, some paper, and that was about all. He patiently  pointed out to me that there was a shadow that was mirroring the pen on the desk. There were particles of dust both on the desk, and floating through the air due to the ray of sunlight shining through on to the desk. The surface of the desk also had a color, it was smooth, it was old. Not to mention the paper- I could go on and on. The point was, as he said, ‘You need to see things more clearly.‘ It was true.

I realized that it is scary to really look at something or someone. To really take someone in. It is scary to see them but most importantly to allow yourself to be vulnerable enough to be seen. So over the years when I walk, I ask myself, ‘How much can I see?‘ I ignite my five senses. What colors do I see? What are the sounds that I hear? What does the surface of what I’m walking on feel like? Is it hot? Is it cold? What does the air taste like? What do I smell? I get as specific as I can. Why do I do this? I do this because it takes me out of my head. You know that noise upstairs, the thoughts that should technically be leaving and entering, seem to enter but not leave. By walking, my breath moves down towards my pelvis. By walking, I get my heart rate up. By walking, I am moving blocked energy. By walking, I find my feet again. My mind becomes quiet. My breath steady. I am grounded. I see clearly. I am present.

Written By

Jessica Hinkson

Introducing Guest Blogger, Cosmetic Genius: Marc Brunet!

Where should I begin? Marc Brunet is someone who is very special to me. He is the beauty guru, the coesmtic genius, the brain, and the man who gave birth to Vancouver’s legendary BeautyMark. A boutique containing niche beauty products among other fabulous brands! He was also my boss for four years, and I have never been so spoiled, so taken care of before. We may be talking beauty here folks, but behind the beauty we all know is the heart. It is after all, where true beauty comes from. When I worked at BeautyMark we weren’t just a team, we were a family. We laughed all of the time, accept when it came to Sunday cleaning…we had project runway walk offs, we had glorious dinners, but above all we were friends. Please allow me to introduce to you, Marc Brunet, Five Face Cleansers You Need To Know About!

XO Jess

Meet Makeup Artist Extraordinaire Erin Guenter!

It’s a beautiful sunny day in Toronto and TIFF festivities begin tonight! Everyone is running around the city picking up last minute items for their fabulously planned outfits…but what about the makeup? How do those celebrities that we admire so much get red carpet ready? I know I’ve wondered, and I am sure you have too! That’s why you should check out Erin Guenter’s, How To Be Red Carpet Ready…On A Drugstore Dime! 

With ten easy steps to follow she tells you just how to make yourselves in to the Glamour Goddess that you all are! Plus she has shared all of her favorite products that are not only affordable, but easy to obtain. All around this article is full of great tips for any event where you want to look your best! From one beauty junkie to another, don’t worry about hiding your wallets this time around! Have fun and get ready to rock that red carpet in your bold beautiful way!

XO Jess

A Preview of Upcoming Guest Blogger’s!

Happy Monday!

From Yoga To High Heels has an exciting line up of guest blogger’s coming your way! I thought I’d give you guys a sneak peek. Check out their bios, blogs, and websites! Get excited and get ready because, yes, it is going to be that much fun! Over the next few weeks you will be meeting the following in no particular order. I am pleased to introduce you to Kate Horsman, stylist extraordinaire and creator of Bullet With Butterfly Wings. We have cosmetic genius, Marc Brunet of BeautyMark and MZ Principessa. Barbara Deutsch of The Barbara Deutsch Approach and book, Open Up Or Shut Up. I am also excited to introduce amazing make up artist Erin Guenter of You And Yours. Think that’s all? No way! I’m just giving you a little juice to get your taste buds going!

xoxo Jess

The Power Of Gemstones

Getting ready to make the film, I have been attending several meetings, getting everything ready to go! Today was a fun meeting, if you can even call it that. One of my girlfriend’s, Janick, has recently begun to make beautiful necklaces upon returning from her trip to Thailand with her beau Riley. Last week we were finally able to get together, and she brought one of her necklaces out to show me over our wine and cheese feast. I mentioned that I thought one of her necklaces’ would be perfect for the film, and she said, ‘well, I’ll make you one.’ I said, ‘deal.’ So, today we went on a little excursion and after pining over what I have claimed to be the perfect collection of beads to make a beautiful and powerful necklace; here is a photo for you to see. It is important to pick them up and feel them in the palm of your hand, to look at the different shapes and sizes; to see what feels best for you. It may sound a little ooga booga, but so what, it’s fun, it’s worth it, and I believe these steps to be true!

The first step was picking the beads. The beads I picked, are actually a seed from the Rainforest. Showing colors of honey and chocolate brown. These beads are my foundation. From there I chose Rose Quartz which you can see propped here, in the center of the photo. The piece is both elegant, strong, and complex in structure. It is a stone of warmth and love. It also heals emotional wounds and pain with it’s gentle calming salve. Opens the heart to the beauty within and all around us.

Thirdly, I chose the elegant White Turquoise; the stone of wisdom and spiritual journeys. It represents protection, energy, wisdom, serenity, wholeness, self expression, creativity, peace of mind, emotional balance, good luck, spiritual grounding, honest communication, friendship, love and loyalty.

Lastly, I went back to a gemstone I have always loved; Moonstone. The stone of emotional balance. Moonstone represents the great Mother Goddess.  Her strength lies in her gentleness, and her ability to experience, process, and neutralize her feelings. A stone of wishes, intuition, and balance.

I can hardly wait to see the finished product; what a super fun afternoon!

xxoo Jess

Share Your Heart, And I’ll Share Mine

Is love so fragile / And the heart so hollow / Shatter with words / Impossible to follow / You’re saying I’m fragile / I try not to be / I search only…for something I can’t see / I have my own life…and I am stronger than you know / But I carry this feeling / When you walked into my house / That you won’t be walking out the door / Still I carry this feeling / When you walked into my house / That you won’t be walking out the door / Lovers forever / face to face / My city or mountains / Stay with me stay / I need you to love me / I need you today / Give to me your leather… / Take from me… my lace /

You in the moonlight / With your sleepy eyes / Could you ever love a man like me / And you were right / When I walked into your house / I knew I’d never want to leave / Sometimes I’m a strong man / Sometimes cold and scared / And sometimes I cry / But that time I saw you / I knew with you to light my nights / Somehow I’d get by / First time I saw you / I knew with you to light my nights / Somehow I would get by /

Lovers forever… / Face to face / My city or mountains / Stay with me stay / I need you to love me / I need you today / Give to me your leather… / Take from me… my lace / Lovers forever… / Face to face / My city or mountains / Stay with me stay / I need you to love me / I need you to stay / Give to me your leather… / Take from me… my lace / Take from me… my lace / Take from me… my lace /

~ Leather And Lace by Stevie Nicks

Being vulnerable is scary. Knowing that you are worthy of being loved, for all that you are, is complicated. We all have stories as to why we don’t deserve what our hearts’ desire. We get so busy taking care of other people that we forget to take care of the most important one of all; ourselves. You are stronger than you think. The truth is, we have all survived or overcome one thing or another in our lives. Those experiences have participated in molding who we are today. So many of us, get attached to this idea that we are alone and that no one would understand. Thinking, that, if they only knew, they would never want anything to do with “me.” That is not true. Your pain isn’t so different from mine, your mother’s, your neighbors, or your lover. The fears that you have, are the fears that everyone has in love, and in life. We all want to be loved for who we are. To be accepted unconditionally. You are not alone. Who you are, is unique. Who you are, is wonderful.

Written By

Jessica Hinkson