Observe and Let Go

Since your feelings may be oscillating back and forth, it might seem easier for you to deal with your emotions by hiding from the rest of the world. Learning to watch your emotions with detachment today could help you cope with these fluctuations better. You can take a few minutes every hour during the day to watch each inhale and exhale of your breath. Once your breathing becomes even you may consider imagining that you have a marquee in your mind on which your thoughts float. As you watch your thoughts, you might want to name them, such as anger, happiness, fear, etc. Observing your thoughts in this way may help you realize that your mind is always changing and, because of this, your moods do not have to depend on your thoughts.

Dancing in the windNaming our emotions allows us to see that since they vary constantly, we do not have to get wrapped up in them. The times when we are moody occur because we pay attention to our mood swings and let them direct how we feel. Seeing that every second our thoughts and emotions incessantly change, however, enables us to release the hold they have on us. Realizing that our thoughts do not have to define our moods helps us feel more secure, grounded, and at ease with them. By detaching from your emotions today, you will discover that true comfort rests in letting go.

~ Author Unknown

Come Meet Guest Blogger, Andrew Ritchie

If someone asked me to describe Andrew, I’m not sure where I would begin. I met Andrew a few years a go when I worked at the wonderful retail store Anthropologie. We became friends instantly. We laughed so much so often that my belly would hurt the next day. Not only is Andrew so much fun to work with, he’s also a wonderfully talented artist; not to mention his crafting skills. He is always ready to help someone out, he’s a great listener, he’s a caring man. A good friend. We be-bopped to our favorite nineties tunes . We threw out a few jazz hands not to mention our hips! We dreamed together of textiles, fabrics, and our Hollywood husbands. We had a blast! Check out Andrew’s guest piece, Harvest, and be sure to stop by and check out his beautifully structured blogs.

XO Jess