Just Make Stuff

As you all know, I wrote and shot my first film A Voice To The Writer with Ardent Pictures this past Summer. We are in the middle of editing it as we speak. It’s coming soon my friends; girl scout honor. My friend Samantha Swan who is one of the founder’s of Ardent Pictures wrote a great article that everyone should read. Whatever your medium of art is, it is applicable to you. Here is, Just Make Stuff.

Have an amazing day.

Jessica Hinkson

Guest Piece for Ardent Pictures – Coffee, Tequila, and Making Movies

This week it was my turn to be a guest! Check out my guest piece for Ardent Pictures – Coffee, Tequila, and Making Movies. This is the first of a few guest pieces that I will be doing for them, so be sure to stop by!

xxoo Jess

A Voyage Through Images

Hey Everyone! Yesterday’s film shoot was SO much fun! It was the hottest day of the year, we started at 4am, and everyone was a true rockstar! I wanted to share a few photos with you whilst keeping some secrets and surprises for you at the same time! On our way back from Caledon, I realized that by not filling up my time putting energy in to situations or relationships that don’t work, by giving that energy to myself, look at what I did do! Look at the possibility of what you can and could do?! I hope you are all having an amazing weekend! Enjoy.

xxoo Jess