I Thought You Should Know

Since January when I launched From Yoga To High Heels, I have written about many different topics. The one topic I have not written about is love, or so you may have thought. I’ve done it in a mysterious…or at least I’d like to think; mysterious way. I have shared my journeys of love through my poetry. True, some of my poems are self reflection, but the majority of them are about men who have been important to me in my life. Some people write about their relationships in great detail, but I feel the relationship of love is extremely personal. Regardless of how the relationship ended, not to mention the ups and downs that happen in every relationship, I would rather honor the experience.

Up until six years a go, poetry was something that was foreign to me. I have always loved it, but writing poetry was not a tool I knew I had. I met a man, being around him, my body sang, I felt lifted, I felt like we had known each other in past lives, and I could daydream about our now new future together! Moonlight Ride, the first poem I wrote, was born shortly there after. It came to me like a song, because of the dance I experienced through the vessel, that is me. From there I couldn’t put my pencil down. Slowly I began to share a poem here and there and the feedback was positive. People encouraged me to keep writing, and so, I did. This man had opened up a part of me, an explosion of passion with a means to express. There was no going back. After the film, A Voice To The Writer, is launched in September, I will be beginning the process of publishing my first book of poems, Wild As The Wind.

Looking back, at seventeen years old I had a very different idea about the woman I was going to be. Who knew that I would be writing poetry? Who knew so many things, really? I don’t know that any one person could say, that they are exactly who they thought they were going to be. Isn’t that fabulous to have all of these surprise discoveries about ourselves! Who knows what’s left to learn about yourself or myself! There may be a hidden talent that you possess! The possibilities are endless. We may love movies, we may love stories, but isn’t the greatest voyage, the discovery or our life, our self? Let’s make a pact. To be brave. To be bold. To love endlessly and fearlessly. To keep open to discovery.

XOXO Jessica

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