Instead Of What If, How About, Why Not

I have had many conversations lately with friends and students as to whether they should take a risk or not. A risk to ask someone out on a date, to wear something bold, to go on a romantic getaway with their lover, or to take something as simple as a cooking or yoga class. I have had conversations about whether or not someone should take a risk, to learn how to play the guitar, to learn a second language, participate in a monologue slam, or should they write that screenplay that they have had locked in their mind for the last year. I have also been asked about the idea of being “too big” or “too much.”

My answer finally came to me when a friend was worried about asking out a man that she was interested in. There are definitely some risks that no one person should take, but this was a risk, I felt, was worth taking. It saddens me to know how many of us, yes, I am including myself, are so concerned with, what if, that we miss out on living in the possibility of, why not. Well, I am asking you. Why not, you? Why not, me? Instead of wondering, instead of having your heart broken because you decided that you would be rejected before trying, why not go, why not try? Why not do something that may make you feel amazing; that could be fun. Life is after all meant to be lived. Who wants to look back, and wonder what we thought, we were so afraid of? I don’t. I am pretty sure you don’t either. I say, instead of, what if, how about, why not.

~ dwell in possibility ~

~ emily dickinson

Written By

Jessica Hinkson

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