A Love

Blue / Water / Sky / You Fade To Black, You Fade To White / With A Touch Of Grey Always Charging You By / Never Hide / Mixed In Formation / Switching Through This Like The Fight In Your Eyes / You Say Yes / You Say No / Which One Is It / Cause I’ll Throw / That’s Right / I’m Marching To My Beat / Singular Sensations Of Extreme Heat / Bounce Along Not Knowing When Or Where / Until I find This Void To Fill In / Howling Stare / When You Dance You’re Full Of Light, A Little Delight / But Babe The Music Ain’t Bouncing Much These Days / That’s Why I Say Your Eyes Are Like A Cloud Haze / Confused And Stricken / Lost For Four Lives / Well, I Got News To Tell You Babe; This Ain’t My Life / So, Go On Your Journey / I’ll Go On Mine Too / You’re In My Heart Forever / I’ll Always Remember You /

  Written By

Jessica Hinkson

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