It’s Okay To Ask

Sometimes we don’t know that we are enough. Sometimes you do have to reach out seeking support from the people who are in your front row. The people who you hold close to your heart, and hold them even closer. Sometimes you need to be held and let the love shine in from the people who care about you, who do want to nurture you. It isn’t enough to give, you must also, take. The stories’, the noise that is in your mind, exists for all of us, each with our own stories. Remember, you are not alone. On the days that are uneasy, where it feels like you cannot breathe; do ask someone for a hug. Not only does a hug feel amazing, it has been medically proven that a hug lowers stress levels, improves nerve function, and improves moods.

Hug Department:  Always Open

      ~Author Unknown

Do get outside and surround yourself with nature, make yourself a nourishing meal, book a massage. Hug your dog or cat, trust me they won’t ever say that it is too much. Play your favorite song a hundred times and dance with pure freedom in your kitchen! Have a bubble bath, light some candles, take your space and make it sacred. Be kind to yourself, and remember that it is okay to ask.

Written By Jessica Hinkson

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