Moonlight Ride

Hey You, I Wanna Go On A Moonlight Ride / Down To The Ocean – In Front Of The Stars / To See Your Big Beautiful Eyes / I Wanna Hear The Crash Of The Wave / Watch Them Grow So High / As We Stand In The Moonlight And Let Our Souls Collide / I Wanna Sing Sweet Songs / I Want You To Play Me A Drum / Let The Light Between Us Be Our Only Guide / Two Open Heart’s / Yup This Is Where We Start /

Hold My Hand As We Stand Here In The Sand / Two Naked Souls / So Yummy And Full / I Dive Into You As You Dive Into Me / Here Together Is Where You And I’ll Be / Hello Big Ocean / Hello Moon And Stars / Hello To The Dolphins And All The Solo Guitars / You Be Our Witness Out There In The Big Blue / Seal Our Kisses Out From The Galaxy / Yahoo /

And From Our Land On Which We Stand / Let’s Seal It Me And You / Our Two Beautiful Souls Leading With Our Heart’s All Anew /

Written By Jessica Hinkson

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