Day in and day out life is busy, and like everyone else I have responsibilities to uphold. I have a job or rather jobs, relationships to nurture, bills to pay, the list goes on and on!  The promises that I have made to myself repeatedly, such as; taking a moment for myself to have a cup of my favorite tea, meditating, getting on my mat for thirty minutes, or reading a chapter from my new novel seems to always get shoved aside.

I know for myself that by the end of the day I am going through the motions trying to get everything done on my list that I still haven’t gotten done. I am so busy with being busy so, how do I find a moment to honor myself daily if I don’t have time to get on my mat and meditate?

Every night before I go to sleep, I engage in a breath exercise that I start every yoga class with. This exercise takes ten minutes and allows the great machine, my mind, to slow down allowing my breath to return back down in to my pelvis. As I begin to relax and the breath deepens, the areas of my body that have been blocked begin to open; movement begins to occur. This allows the blocked energy to break down, and pump fresh blood through to my internal organs, which allows them to receive a gentle massage. It also allows me to prepare for a deep sleep, which is the best way to get myself set up for the next day; alert and restored.

The Exercise:

First and foremost find a comfortable position for yourself, whether you are lying down, sitting, or in a restorative posture. My two favorite ways to do this exercise are either: lying down in Savasana (see image below) or with your legs pressed up against the wall with or without a bolster (see image below). Place a comfortable pillow underneath your head for support. From there, place your hands on your lower belly, palms facing down, and simply begin to witness each inhale and exhale. Like a passenger on a train noticing the scenery outside and the people on the train. Begin to witness what is going on in your body and mind from moment to moment. Once you have taken twenty breaths begin to inhale through your nose for a count of four, pause, and exhale through your mouth for a count of four. Repeat this sequence ten times. If you need to take a break, yawn, stick out your tongue to release your jaw, whatever, simply come back to the exercise when you are ready.

When you complete the exercise you will either be drooling and comatose or you will feel a deep sense of contentment, open and ready to move forward with your day.

Happy Bliss Yogi’s!


Jessica Hinkson

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